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Our Guide To Wallpaper Types

Our Guide To Wallpaper Types

Are you a little confused about wallpaper types?


Are you unsure which one to choose?


We hope that our guide will help you.





 There are many different types of wallpaper available on the market these days.  Newbies can get easily confused by different colours, textures and finishes to choose from.

 Not only that, but also every different wallpaper has its own characteristics/ qualities making it more or less suitable for the purpose of your project.

 Making a good choice is not only about the design and colour, but also about the most suitable wallpaper type, which will guarantee the success of your project.

 The chosen wallpaper has to be functional, or simply said to use the right type for the right room.


 For example - some wallpapers are washable and hard wearing making them suitable for kitchens, living rooms or kid’s rooms. Some are less durable or delicate and require specific care. Most common types of wallpaper are Lining Paper, Vinyl, Grass cloth, Fabric, Foil, Embossed, Flock and Hand-Printed.



Lining Paper - It is not an actual wallpaper, it is mainly used to hide minor imperfections on walls and ceilings, in preparation for wallpapering or painting. It will provide smooth and even surface, Lining Paper is particularly useful for older walls with many imperfections. Some preparation work is required for better results.

 Lining Paper is available in different Grades, and the condition of the walls determine what grade should be used. For example - for walls in fairly good condition, lower grade would do the job and give you a superior finish. Higher grade should be used on walls that have more cracks or defects.

 Lining Paper can also be painted over.


 Vinyl Wallpaper -Consists of vinyl layer on top of paper lining.

 Vinyl Wallpaper has many everyday advantages.

 Easy to clean and durable, vinyl papers are the most common types of wallpaper used.

 There are different variations, and some of them are more hardwearing than others.

 Vinyl wallpapers are available in large assortment including structured vinyl, smooth surface or embossed, even 3D effects.

 Mostly, vinyl wallpapers are washable, but if you intend to install them in bathrooms or kitchens look for specifically marketed as


Washable Vinyl, as they have thick plastic coating and are printed using waterproof ink. They are also stain resistant and could be regularly wiped, without causing marks. Also their surface could be light resistant thanks to their plastic coating.


 Fabric Backed Vinyl

 This Vinyl variation is widely used, very durable, suitable for high traffic rooms. Consists of a fabric layer covered with Vinyl layer.


  Printed Wallpaper

 Paper printed wallpaper in different range of colours, design, patterns and qualities.

 Not suitable for rooms with steam or condensation.


 Hand-Printed Wallpaper

 Is usually very delicate limited editions paper hand printed and specially designed, not widely available to buy.

 Hand printed wallpaper is custom made, very expensive and requires a skilled application.


 Flock Wallpaper

 It is an expensive option, cosy looking, made using special velvet looking fibre, traditionally used.Installing is hard due to the character of velvet - like coating, which must be kept clean of any adhesive, as this will ruin the texture. One down side of Flock wallpaper is that people have tendency touching their velvet like coating and easily causing marks on them.


 Foil / Metallic Wallpaper

 Widely used these days. Modern looking and will suit any room or office, the light reflective material will brighten any wall, but will also show any wall bumps or uneven surface, meaning that even surface is needed or lining paper installation prior wallpaper hanging.

 Foil wallpaper could be "backed" on different materials - Fabric, Paper and Fiberglass, which gives each of them different qualities and must be handled according their type.


 Grass cloth Wallpaper

 Made with natural grasses, giving unique texture and atmosphere, very delicate to work with. Extra care should be taken, because any adhesive will stain the surface.

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